Big Cat Information

Departure Location

All charters depart from the Newport Marina unless under customer specific circumstances which will attract extra charges.

Everything you need to know...

Day Trips

Departure time varies for Summer and Winter please check with Big Cat Charters office. Please ensure you are at the boat 15 minutes prior to departure. The boat starts heading back at around 12.30 pm (also dependant on weather). You can expect to return to the Public jetty at approximately 2:00pm.

Running Late?

To be fair to other passengers the boat cannot wait if you are late or if you don’t turn up. You will forfeit your golden ticket. (Times can vary! Always check with us!)

Food and Drinks

Copeous amounts of food (Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks) and drinks (Coke, Pepsi Max, Solo and Water) are provided but you are allowed to bring something of your own if you want something different. Special catering is available on request. Alcohol is permitted on-board but reasonable amounts only. 1 can per person… Or was it a carton? We practice and promote a Safe Drinking Policy. ONLY CANNED DRINKS ARE PERMITTED.

What is Brisbane offshore weather like?

South East Queensland boasts a warm sunny sub-tropical climate. The average warmer temperatures between November to March range from 20 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. Colder months (form June to August) you might want to bring a jacket that’s waterproof with temperatures falling betwen 14 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius.

What types of fish would I expect to catch and keep?

Snapper, Squire, Pearl Perch, Sweet Lip, Cod, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Mackerel, and Wahoo just to name a few…

Weather predictions are gathered from the following reputable sources:

Bureau of Meteorology, Seabreeze, MetEye, Willy Weather, Marine Wind Forecast, and Brisbane Wave Monitoring.


Contact us on 0433 430 248 or on 1800 BIG CAT

Night Trips

By arrangement only, special rates apply.

Big Cat Charters aims to give you an awesome day on the water!

If the conditions are bad it’s most likely that you will have a bad fishing experience. Big Cat also reserves the right to cancel a charter if the conditions are not safe. Rain does not stop a charter going out and can sometime bring in the most fish!

What do I bring?

Long sleeved shirt, Long Pants (Sun Protection)

A good and happy attitude makes for a fun day

Rain Jacket (If it looks like it will rain)

Hat or Balaclava

Sunglassses & Sunscreen

Camera (optional)

What do we offer onboard?

Everything you need to have a great day out fishin’ on the Big Cat. Everything but alcohol, if you want to losen up the tide pull.